sell your pictures

We buy your erotic photos

In our Erosa Club (german website) we already have countless photos of our readers. To expand the club we are always looking for fresh content. Therefore we buy your photos. We do not rely on professional glossy pictures, but rather on natural photos. Whether from a private shooting or simply taken selfies; both are interesting for us.

Sell your erotic selfies

You probably already have some erotic selfies of yours on your phone. Make money out of it and sell us the photos or videos for the Erosa Club. In general we are interested in a long-term cooperation. That means that we would also like to buy new selfies weekly or monthly. So you can easily earn a monthly pocket money on the side.

The photos and videos do not have to be highly professional. Even photos of you taken with your phone are ok.

We organize a photo shooting for you

You would like to have erotic photos of yourself, but have never had the opportunity to do so until now? Then get in touch with us and we will organize a footoshooting near you. All finished photos will be sent to you privately.

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